Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Shammgod: How God Shammgod's Legendary Crossover Lives on in Today's Stars

This man I owe so many dinners too. Skip to my Lou, Hot Sauce, AO, Alimore and too many to name. My game is based off all the things I have seen in the streets. And1 mixtapes raised me. Which makes me mad that they're not really around anymore. That was the rawest form of basketball. We used to all run to the TV to see what new moves they would be doing on the tape. Take that to the next game we played and hope the ref didn't blow the whistle. 

Nothing rang out in the games like this move. The Shammgod. The most deadly crossover to be seen. You were the man if you did this. I still remember the first time I did it perfectly.  I came down the court and my man was all over me. I mean you would think we were dating. I could smell what he had for breakfast by how close he was. I crossed once. Still on me. I step back, still following. That's when I knew I had him. The tighter the defense. The easier to be exposed. 

I stepped back, he ran up on me. I tossed the ball out with my left(always work on the left hand, kids) like I was going baseline. He bit. I took my right hand like flash and snatched the ball back with my right. He reaches for a ball that's not there while stumbling. Boom. I take it between my left leg, he reached again. Falling and reaching. Too slow. He's on the ground. I'm at the basket and passing out for the three. Bang, Bang. 

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