Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The One Supreme ‘Scarface’ Collaboration Item I Need

Sorry if you came across this post thinking you about to see a million Supreme things. Nope. Sorry. Not really a wearer of what they make but I still have you covered. Go Here. 
 Now to everybody that's still left over. This is something I need in my life. I love the sculpture from Scarface. Have always. Love the movie too. Loved it so much I even bought that game. I never beat the game but I got it none the less. It was kinda fun. Shit started skipping from being scratched up.  Maybe that was God way of telling me to stop being a drug kingpin in the game. I was like 15. I was moving that dope though.

Anyways. This is something I'm hoping to get. This the part where everybody that buys Supreme laughs at me thinking I can just buy it. Ugh. Here's to a low resell number. Be easy on me. I really want it. 

 Select pieces will be available at Supreme’s NYC, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London and Paris locations, as well as its online store from October 12. Japan will see an October 14 release.

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