Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What The Steak Hitting For? #NationalTacoDay

The older I get, the more I need the hole in the walls. If it's not a hole. I don't wanna go. That wasn't the case when I was a kid. Actually, I take that back. I used to go to this one place when I was about 13. They had the best Jamaican beef patties.  Used to get that and some french fries and would be good to go. Oh, and cream soda. I just knew I was doing something. 

I found this taco place in Douglasville. Thanks to my friend Ashley. She put me on. It's inside of a Mexican supermarket. I thought she was lying when she suggested it. Cause I have walked by several times and it didn't look like they were selling tacos. La Montana Taqueria (5861 Fairburn Rd, Douglasville, GA 30134). Amazing steak tacos. The chicken is okay. Nothing special so take it or leave it.  

It is also here where the ladies that worked there put me on to this beautiful thing called "Sope". I have been in love ever since.

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