Friday, October 13, 2017

The Greatest New Show You Need To Watch (Marshawn Lynch. #NoScript)


You know how Nas said, "The real niggas are back on the radio"? Well, the real niggas are back on TV shows. If you thought that just hearing him say "You know why I'm here" was funny. You not even ready for this. 

 The unscripted reality show from Marshawn Lynch. "No Script" will consist of eight episodes, each one airing on Thursday via Facebook Watch and lasting between 10 to 15 minutes. According to Bleacher Report, Lynch will be put in random situations throughout the series, from "whipping figure eights in race cars" in the first episode to "whipping a military tank. 

This is the show that we all needed. This first episode sees Marshawn in a race care. Maybe I'm tripping but at one point he tried to ghost ride.In a race care. Race.Car. Lord. He put that little driver through hell. I love it. 

"We can buy more tires"

 The funniest part of the show finding it's way at the end when asked about playing tennis. Not just playing tennis. Playing against a great. 

Asked if he wants to play tennis against Serena Williams "even though she's super pregnant."

"That's an unfair advantage," Lynch says.

"That she's pregnant?" the writer asks.

"Nah, nigga. That it's Serena Williams!" Lynch responds.

You scientist stay safe and watch the jays.

Make sure to watch the first episode above and follow No Script on Facebook to catch the next.  

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