Saturday, January 4, 2020

Medicom Toy x 'Breaking Bad' BE@RBRICKs

 Medicom Toy is back with its latest BE@RBRICK iterations, this time channeling both Walter White and the burnt pink teddy bear from the hit series Breaking Bad.

First up is the Walter White figure, depicted in a rubber yellow lab suit and a black apron. A gray and pink mask is placed at the top of the head in place of the ears, followed by White’s stern expression below. Just like in the show, White is seen with rectangular glasses and a thick goatee, and he even has a tiny mole at the left side of the face. As a final note to the figure, the BE@RBRICK is illustrated with blue gloves and a collar that’s slightly unzipped.

The next piece is the burnt pink teddy bear, a recurring motif that appears in many episodes of Season Two. Coming with pink ears, purplish-pink fur and a white body, three-quarters of the figure maintain the colors of the original bear, while a quarter of the piece on the left side has been shaded in black to illustrate burn marks — this side sees gray ears and a missing eye. According to some fans of the show, the bear could be a symbol for the loss of innocence as well as a foreshadowing of how Gus Fring would go out in Season Four.

The Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK “Walter White” and “Pink Bear” are currently available at Medicom Toy’s website for $111 USD.

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