Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Burning Questions After Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special

In my last post  "Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special Went Bananas" I said at the end that we are left guessing as to what is.....My bad I almost put what I was thinking and messed it up for the people that haven't watched it yet. My questions and guesses are after the jump.As always if you haven't watch yet then stop reading right now. 

Yup, I'm getting right into it. This question is kinda a hard one. The first thing that pops into your head has to be "A" right? But as we found out "A" is at this point a host of people. My true guess is MonA. I mean she broke out of the crazy house (again) and was on the train dressed in a costume that was just the same as Caleb. Speaking of wearing the same costume she was all up on Hannah, hands running wild and free. Maybe it was Toby since he on team A now. That would be a little odd tho, changing into all them clothes and he is way taller then Hannah so um never mind toss that out. 

Last season, we saw Mona singing a song with the Queen of Hearts card in her hand in an episode, and this time, the Joker-esque Queen of Hearts came to life. Who was in that costume? Who was it wearing those big talons as fingernails? (We saw the girls retrieve one of those fingernails.) Will we see her again? What did she use to drug Aria? 

Who's the creepy (dead?) girl?
Last year Halloween episode started with two twin girls in a kitchen and they was playing with dolls and well you know the rest(Watch the video above if you don't). Last nights episode one of the girls showed up. The dead one? Out of the blue was in the kitchen with Ashley and asking can she call her mom. After that she was in Hannah room and Ashley was talking to her but after Ashley went downstairs and came back up with that Preacher dude, the girl was gone, Where did she go. I think it's the dead girl and all signs point to that seeing that she the same girl from last year. Hope they touch on that story.    

The tag at the end of the episode showed the dug-up plot in Alison’s backyard with a hand clawing its way to the surface. Someone was buried alive! Again, I’m assuming here — again not a good idea with PLL! — but I think what we’re supposed to take away at this point is that Alison had a second act before she died that fateful night, which launched the show. She was buried alive, and then resurfaced for another tear through Rosewood before she was actually killed. You know what that means: There’s so much more to the night that she was killed that we don’t know. Garrett made that clear, too, when he revealed what he saw with Alison and Aria’s dad Byron talking in the backyard. 

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