Monday, October 15, 2012

Can The Atlanta Falcons Get Some R-e-s-p-e-c-t?

It's Monday and the only thing most of us can't remember about the weekend is football Sunday. Just like the last five Sundays and a Monday game the Falcons come out unbeaten. 6-0 the only team in the league to remain unbeaten after the Texans got beat down last night by the Packers. 

You would think that the Falcons would get some love right? Nope, still no love, still no respect. You would think the Falcons are 0-6 at this point. I mean how can you say a team that is unbeaten is just "okay". You got to be joking. How many times has New England lose this year? But they will sit on ESPN and still call them the best team in the league. They lose to the Seahwaks, the Cardinals for crying out loud. The Falcons just can't get the respect. 

Falcons have been to the playoffs for 4 years straight now. The Cowboys,well I don't even think they know what the playoffs are anymore. ESPN still says they are a great team. "Great" they say, great. Remind me how many times do this said "Great" team fuck away games? You still have them as one of the best teams in the league but they can't buy a win. Jerry Jones gonna need to write a bigger check. 

You can say that the Falcons lose in the playoffs, but they in the playoffs. You can say that the Falcons only win by a little. Would you rather win by a little or lose by a lot? You can't knock a team for pulling out wins. That's what the Falcons do. That's why they win. We are elite. You wonder why Matt Ryan name is "Matty Ice" he has showed you that ice runs through his vines when it's time to win the game. Not one but two game winning drives this season. That's not luck, that's talent. That's game.That's the Falcons. 

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