Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Program: Sanquon Hype Killers "Meet The Recruits" #Ncaa13

Well after winning a NBA championship  and coach of the year what's next for me? Football of course. Not just any football, college D1 football. The big times. This team may be one you may know, not for football thought. Sanquon now have a Football team. The Hype Killers of fashion now have the hype killers of football. 

Just like all teams in football we had to recruit, out recruit everybody. Being a school that just started and being a team with no history was going to make it hard to get out and get players but we were up to the task of bringing in the stars. First stop was Georgia.

At first we went to Grayson High School to take a look at Javaris Squire but Alex caught our eye. It wasn't that he was catching the ball it was the way he was catching them. With a good QB you really just have to stick out your hands and catch, not Dixon. Dixon goes above and beyond that he leaves the CB in the dust making tossing the long ball easy. It was one play that really stood out to us in one of the games we seen Squire and Dixon play in. It was after a simple run play and we see Squire and Dixon talking and Dixon is making this hand motion. Kinda like just toss it up, but I'm not sure. 

They walk out to the line and Dixon makes a look at Squire and Squire just cheeses . They hike the ball and the race is on, I say race because Dixon takes off full speed and the CB is hand checking all the way, no flag thought. So as all this is going on Squire drops back and after three steps just toss it up like he was asked to do. It sails thru the air and starts to come down. You can se the eyes of Dixon get bigger and bigger as the ball gets closer to him, Dixon jumps and when they say he has a 40' they mean every inch of that. He leaps in the air and gets the ball and while still in the air he looks down at the CB, okay maybe not the last part. I say it was a steal getting him to come to our school. The start of the season he felt under a lot of peoples radars and we was on him before he made the ESPN 150 list. 

After we had Dixon on board it was kinda easy to get Squire. I guess we can call it our lucky day that the top school he wanted to play for growing up picked up a QB before his senior year. Right before his senior year, thanks Georgia for doing that. That made it easy for us cause we can give him what Georgia can't, starting job. At Georgia he would be sitting behind Matt till he left school so in total Squire would have been watching for 3 years and just getting to play one. 

With the talent he has you can't let it waste like that. Squire is everything you want in a QB and everything you didn't know one can have. He's a leader and shows it on and off the field. You often find him picking up teams and cheering on the D and that's not even talking about what he can do. You hear teams talking about it's hard to have a gameplan for some QB's and that's what it is like for Squire. You see teams come in with a plan and Squire breaks it wide open. One game I seen a team load the box to try and stop Squire from running, didn't work he just PA and send the ball flying over the top TD. You see over teams play back and try to stop the pass and he just beats you with his feet. It's really hard to stop this man. The best thing about him has to be his heart tho. He starts every game with something to say. The one that really touched me was  "Go out here and do it for the man next to you, don't do it for you. Don't do it for stats, do it for the man next to you. Think about how it will feel to the team when you don't give your all, think about how it feel to lose. You a loser? Cause I sure as hell don't think you are. Go out here and do it for the team. Point.Blank.Period."  

With Dixon and Squire on board we knew we would need them to help bring in Taylor Walker. Taylor Walker is the best running back in the nation and 3rd on the ESPN 150 behind Squire and a DT. We didn't want to call him to much but we needed to make it clear that we wanted him here at Sanquon U. So what we did was made a video. Not of how great the school was or who was really on the team, just a video of our linemen stand there. Side by side 300 plus pound men standing next to each other and nothing at all being said and at the end the center steps aside and Squire is behind him and Squire goes "You didn't even know I was there huh? Just think about the runs you can break off with them blocking for you.Think about it" We left it at that. We didn't tell him how great he will be, how he will be the man. We told like we told everybody else, it will be hard. We will work hard and it's no easy trip. 

The next week he committed. I'm ready for the season to start. 3 top 150 players I see good things in our future. 

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