Monday, October 29, 2012

You Can't Blame Michael Vick For That Loss

Well another week, another win for my Atlanta Falcons. This win was a pretty good one. No this is not a post to talk about how we beat down the Eagles, it's a post about that man right there. Vick. After the game everybody seem to take to twitter and start the blame game. Most of the blame was being toss the wrong way and very loud in the way it was being tossed. 
People was blaming Vick. Vick who in the game had 0 turnovers and added a TD pass in there. I'm a Falcons fan, keep that in mind. YOU can't blame this man for the Falcons scoring on the first 6 drives. You know why? Cause Vick doesn't play D. The Falcons are just that good. You can listen to the stupid things they may have to say on ESPN about the Falcons but what do you see them do on Sundays, win games. Vick can't help that the D let the Falcons hang 30 on them. 

It would have been 37 but we not going to go over that stupid flag they had on Julio in the end zone. Anyways you guys are acting as if Vick had 6 picks and lost the ball 8 times. He didn't do any of that, he played pretty well. Shit he was pissing me off with all the first downs he was getting on 3 downs. That's how I know that it's not Vick as the reason they lost. 

QB's get the glory and QB gets the blame in the eyes of everybody. All I'm saying is you can't blame one man for losing to the best team in the NFL. Let's be real you thought that the Eagles was going to put up 30 plus to match the Falcons 30. GTFOH. 

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