Friday, October 19, 2012

Somebody On Pretty Little Liars Is Going To Die Tonight

Wait what? Somebody is going to die? Yes you read that right. I was on Facebook and PLL page posted a picture and it read "One of the 13 people are going to die". I wonder who it will be. Follow me after this jump and let's talk about this. 

First my hope is that it's not Emily,Aria,Hanna or Spencer. They can't be killing off the eye candy. Plus they are the main cast would they really do that? Okay this has me scared. They just might do that. We all knows who I would love to die on the show. Pigskin, I mean Paige. She been getting on my nerves since she came on the show. I get that you play a gay girl and all but you still are a girl, lay off the I can punch thru a wall look. 

Maybe that has nothing to do with the show but still AXE her ass off pretty fast. YOu know who I think might really die tho? Noel, I mean he looking like he wants to lose his life. Making any and everybody mad. Who you guys think will die? 

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