Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special Went Bananas

11:00 AM

Before I start anything, I want to point out that Em looked great last night.When she showed up to that party it was like "Whoa,dammmn".  I'm sure her girlfriend feels the same way. She wins the best look of the night, just like last Halloween special she did too. The women is sexy. OkAy back to last night show. It started off with a lot of talking about this and that. Then they flipped to Spencer's house. Spencer walks in and standing at her kitchen table dropping off flowers was Garrett, yes Garrett was there right dead in the middle of the kitchen with some flowers.(Don't read anymore if you don't want to know what happens)

So she jumps back and he starts talking about how the flowers are for her mom, but he want to talk to her. Maybe he about to give her some fashion tips? Well I don't know cause Toby  bust end with his superhero "He(Garrett) is leaving" and well, Garrett left. 

Blah blah blah and blah and Aria gets tossed in a box. Somebody tosses Aria into a box and at this point I'm thinking that she is done for. After a while they start looking for her. As Spencer is looking for Aria somebody runs up and starts attacking Spencer. Oh,no not Spencer. She was looking to good that night also to die. Then out of nowhere PIGSKIN TO THE RESCUE. She came in and was putting them hands to the person that for some reason the mask never fell off. Anyway in that moment I started to let the hate go for  Pigskin and didn't want her to die, she pretty okay now I guess.  I still will call her Pigskin tho. 

While all this is happening Aria who is trapped in a box is still trapped in a box and they still have yet to find her. While she in trapped in the box Aria gets a guest in the box with her, that guest would happen to be Garrett. A dead cold Garrett. Wait Wait I skipped a part during the blah blah blah. Early in the show Garrett said he have to tell Spencer something and when he got to speak to her he told her about the night Alison died,kinda. 

What happen was that Alison and Jenna and Garrett was fighting in Alison backyard and Garrett and Alison made it seem to the blind Jenna that Garrett killed her. When really he hit a tree. So later that night he went back to Alison house and she was yelling with somebody. As Garrett got close he saw who it was. Aria DADDY. Yes you read that right Aria dad was in the backyard with Alison. Why are they back there with each other?

Blah Blah Blah and they finally get to finding Aria and the dead Garrett. So the cops come and they are doing what cops do. ErzA pops up out of nowhere and runs to Aria. Where he been? 
So the cops are still doing what cops do and then Toby gets into a fight with the one dude name who I forget and they knock over the ice with the sodas. I bring this up cause after they knock this over a body bag comes rising out of the ice. The same body bag that has Alison body in it. Then being the show that it is it cuts to the end. WTF we stuck till next year to just guess about it. I'll be doing that next post. 

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