Saturday, June 7, 2014

2Pac & Sanyika Shakur Phone Call #Respect


This is the greatest phone call I ever heard in my life. Tupac was the change that the world was needing. I like his ideas that he was saying. About how they was going to have a league for all the kids. Have rappers do free shows. He wanted to talk to the drug dealers in all the cities and have them atleast chill out on they 'job' during the day. He said from 6am to 11pm. He wanted to keep the streets safe so the kids can be able to play. Man, this is some powerful stuff to hear. I really wish that somebody in power was to do something like that.

I was just talking about how the war on drugs in American is going about it all wrong. You shouldn't be spending millions to stop the selling. You should be spending time with the kids. Breaking down to them about the dangers of drugs. That's the better way to go.  Teach them not to do drugs and that kills the whole drug game. Cause nobody will be buying it. Just a thought. I know it's not as easy as that but still..

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