Friday, June 27, 2014

Buy Some Sneakers This Weekend #Footaction

Now is a good time to buy some sneakers. To be real, all the time is a great time to buy some. So let's buy some this weekend. You can get a couple to match all the Sanquon shirts that's hanging in you closet.(Air Max 90) We buying from Footaction is weekend, free shipping. Link after the jump.

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 

Nike Kobe 9
 Kobe maybe didn't get to play in them, but you will be. I wonder how it feels to have a year go by and not be able to wear your own shoes on the court. I guess D.Rose knows the feeling. Two sneakers and haven't been able to wear any of them to work. Actually, he lucky, the ones from the past year was fucking ugly. I need adidas to stop being lazy. 

 Vans OTW Lynwood 
 Vans is the underdog of sneakers. They are like um, Matt Ryan. Of the Atlanta Falcons. Just as great as the other elite quarterbacks, gets paid like them. But gets half the respect. 

 Running With A Purpose at Plus Free Shipping over $75. Use Code LKS14A42. Valid 5.1.14 - 5.31.14. Contiguous US Only; Exclusions May Apply.

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