Monday, June 2, 2014

#GameOfThrones Taught Us All A Lesson #GOT

Last night was the fight that we all been waiting on.   The Red Viper and The Mountain. It's been two weeks in the making and years if you read the books. I'm not about to go into great detail about it. Cause you seen it. What I am going to talk about is what we can apply to our everyday life.
Just kidding. 

And what that is, is. Forget all that making them playing around, kill his ass. I mean what was he thinking. Dude is as big as a Mountain and I image that he dies slower then anybody else and by that. Viper got what he had coming. Sure, he was fighting for his sister. But getting him to admit the wrong in which The Mountain commit was a flaw on his part. 

You could have easily said "This is for my sister". As you jaw the sword into his head. But no, no. You want to dance around and play. That's the part that plays into our lives. The bragging of society. Hopefuly not the killing, y'all don't be killing people, do you? Seek some help for that. 

Anyways. That was crazy. I really didn't think he had a chance and then as he is winning. In the back of my head I found the 'Shit happens' light going off. I'll be damn if The Mountain didn't get his big ass up and smash Viper head in (Like he said he did the sister) and then pushed his eyes balls out. Yes, pushed them so hard that they popped.    

That was wild. Tyrion Lannister went from joy to pain in the matter of a smashed head to a popped eye. He basically was like:


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