Thursday, June 26, 2014

Enough With The Unofficial Remixes Already

It's starting again. Actually it never stopped.  The over running of freestyles over successful songs. The latest victim of this is Drake's song "0 to 100". I have counted about 30 remixes and it's haven't been out a month. So many that I can't keep count. When will this stop. It had gotten so bad, that they don't even change the hooks of songs. 

I blame Lil Wayne song for this. The 'A Milli" one. People been doing it before but the overload started then. That and the in home studio also started to become a thing. That was 08 and now we in 2014. That's seven years of people getting by on the fame of another person song. It's cool when you on the come up. But we talking about artist that has been out for years riding the fame of another. Nobody wants to hear you freestyle. Here's a idea, put out a song that you wrote.

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