Monday, June 23, 2014

Somebody Tell Robin Thicke To Chill Out

  I woke up this morning to alot of feelings. The biggest being the fact that the US lost tied at the end of last nights match against Portugal. Still pissed about that, Just hold the damn ball. Anyways, Robin is back again.

Actually I'm not sure he been gone. I just haven't been checking on this. Everybody knows the story. Robin KEEPS fucking up with his wife. She reached her limit, and left him.  

That's what everybody should do. Life to short to put up with bullshit. 

Since she left, he been on this mission to get her back. He been dragging it all in the public. Since he got it in the public, here's my two cent to him and everybody like him. 

Stop fucking up in the first place. Just like that, if you really cared that much about your wife, you wouldn't fuck up like you have been. I'm not saying that everything in life is easy to handle over the years, but a fuck up is a fuck up.

Example. Let's say I'm married to Ghadir. We married and we been married for like, 10 years. Since high school.  The last thing I would do,is do things that would not only make her look bad, but is pissing on her. Not literally but you get it. Anytime you do something bad, that not only makes you look bad, it makes the person you married to look bad. So let's say I'm humping women on stage and taking pictures with women. Now the taking pictures is not bad,unless you doing other things in the photo. 

Let's say I'm taking pictures with women, fans if you will. In the mirror of the picture I'm taking, I'm clearly grabbing this lady ass. That would be all the way fucked up. Married and out in public, or for any matter grabbing ass. Grabbing the ass of a women that is not your wife. 

That's what Robin has done in public. That little story right there. Along with Alleged cheating/drinking/drugging.

She had all the rights she wanted to leave, leave her alone Robin. 

 You messing up on the highest of levels. You want your wife to just stand around while you hump women on stage and grab random women asses in photos. Is that what she joined? You want to act a ass then face what you get for acting a ass. 

You want her back but she clearly doesn't want you anymore. Clear example of what's wrong with some of the people in this world. 

You can't just fuck up and try to push people into a mindset that makes them feel bad for you. That's kinda what you do, when you say "Sorry". Actually that's what you doing.

Cause if the person doesn't forgive you, they come off as the bad person.You have half minded people begging Paula to take him back.

People giving him credit for trying to win his wife back. Get the fuck out of here with that. You don't give credit for that, Give credit to the men and women that don't fuck each other over in a relationship. That's what I give credit for. Not for somebody that countless fucks up and now wants her back so he can fuck up again. 

 If you want to give him a pass, I feel bad for your child. You teaching them that it's okay to fuck over people. Long as you say "Sorry" and beg. 



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