Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Braves,Falcons, Dream, Hawks Oh My...

It hurts for me to write this, I been going back and fourth on if I should do it. I won't be true to myself and the readers if I didn't call a spade a spade. So, here we go.

Last night was hard to watch as a lover of Atlanta sports teams. The Dream loss game one in a blow out, the Hawks loss to the Heat, The Falcons loss to the Jets and last but not least, the Braves got kicked out of the playoffs by the Dodgers.

Already this losing is really too much, in one night tho. Just hit me with a bus and take my soul. I can't take it. This is what Atlanta teams are known for, chocking and not living up to the hype. 

I can take a loss where you are out matched and just down. That was the Dream game. They faced the Minnesota Lynx, They are the Miami Heat of the WNBA. Three all-stars. Okay, I take that back. The heat only has two and a half. They better then the Heat in they field. Is that even possible? 

Speaking of the Heat, the Hawks loss to them. That was preseason, so not much to say to that.

The Braves blow the lead to the Dodgers late in the game. I don't even have that many words for that one. OH, yeah I do. They at least went out better then last year. In field fly rule in the fucking outfield. GTFOH.   

As you can see by know, I really want to talk about the FALCONS. The freaking Falcons.

I wasn't going crazy when they loss to the Saints, they Saints are good. That hurts to say but they on the Falcons level. They let the Rams come back but pulled the W out. They let the Miami Dolphins come and take a win. I let that was go too. Trying to stay positive. Overlooking that the Dolphins can't really hang with them and that so many points was left on the board. The play calling was crazy.  Ran one more screen pass, I dare you.

I found myself almost breaking after the Pats game. The team chocked in a position that they shouldn't have been in to begin with. Rather you look at it from them coming back and making a run late in the game. Or the fact that the Pats was playing with rookie wideouts and they never pass to the tight ends. Teams seem to play the Falcons and "find" they game. That was to be a blow out for us. 

The Pats was looking like shit till they played the Falcons. Was winning they games, they wasn't really playing anybody. They came into the Georgia Dome and you would think that the 04 Pats was playing the way they was chopping up our D. Why can't we get it together. The whole point of Defense is to spot the ball, tackle the man. That's 101.

See I told myself that it's Tom Brady, he's one of the greatest. After last night, I see that our defense just sucks. Not the defense as a whole but you go as the others roll. The D at this point can't  stop a paper bag from rolling past them. They look so confused. 

Losing to the J-E-T-S. This was the game to get it back on track. We didn't do that at all. I feel so bad for Tony G. Sorry he had to come back to this. Sorry for S-Jax and Osi for even coming to this. Lord knows how many people that are calling for Matty Ice head. It's not his fault that the line can't block. They say that  pass blocking is the easy one to do. All-Pro running back coming back next week and we can't even block. That's just a big waste. 

William Moore said that they made Geno like like a vet, I love Willy Mo but he is fucking right. That's what pisses me off, they know they fucking up and they keep on fucking up. It's not on Willy Mo, he's a All-Pro and plays like it. It's still good to see that he taking the blame with everybody else. 

I hope to god that I'm wrong but this not a superbowl team. A rookie ran up 30 on the D. Something got to change. 

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