Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Send All Kids To Beyond Scared Straight

We all seen the show Beyond Scared Straight, right? If you haven't then you missing out. The show is about at risk youth and they take them to the jails and let them see what it would be like if they keep down a path of trouble. 
Now the kids start off thinking they tuft, walking in feeling thyself, can't tell them nothing. By the end of the show they are shitting they pants and can't get out fast enough. 

It's pretty funny to watch. Well for me. I found myself laughing at this one dude on the show. I forget the dude name, more then likely some jail name. Anyway, he stood up and said "I been in this bitch for a long time, you know when I'm getting out? 90 years from now. I'm in this shit for 90 years (wait for it y'all) for stealing some fucking polo shirts and Levi's.". I was dying laughing at the TV when I heard him say that. That must of been a lot of Levi's. Shit, did he kill somebody while trying to get away? 

The oddest thing that happen on the show came when a man name 'C-Bleed' came in. I think that's his name "C-Bleed'. Now C-Bleed is in jail on trail cause they "say" he killed three people. You just know from the start this is gonna get ugly. C-Bleed comes in and they tell him that one of the kids is repping a gang, the wrong gang? I say it like that cause C-Bleed and his friends take that time to make the boy they Girlfriend? I say it like this again because they take the boy and another inmate steps up. He pulls out a comb and makes the boy comb his chest hair while the other boy watches. Creepy.

A host of other stuff happens in this show aswell. Like making them feed the inmates. With they hands being the folk and spoon, showing them the 'time out' chair and how can I forget about them telling them how they would pass they little ass around the jail for money.

That's enough for you not to want to go to jail huh?. They are clearly crazy. 

Which gets me to the reason for this post. I remember in middle school. They took us all to visit the jail. All of us. Most of us wasn't bad, they just gave us a trip to visit jail. We didn't know what we was in for. We just knew that it was a field trip and that means no school, count us in. 

Boy was we stupid. We talking about a bus full of white kids and me (only colored person lol), riding to a damn jail. What happen wasn't anywhere near close to what you see on beyond scared straight but it was pretty crazy. They didn't yell or nothing. They just told us what happens in jail.

That was enough for me to um, not want to do crime. 

They should bring it back for all kids. Get them early. I bet that it keeps a lot of people out of trouble.

That's why the crime rate is up, they don't have that field trip in middle school anymore. I really don't think that would lower the crime rate, it is a start tho. 

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