Happy Birthday Jeem(Ghadir)

10:00 AM

You know, when I started this I knew everything I wanted to say. I went over it for a week . Had a lot of witty things wrote and just knew it was good. As I sit here now, I eased it all. All of it, I just want to write from the mindset I'm in. It just didn't feel good enough.

 Listen to this song while reading this :)

As you know, I get really awkward type shy in my writing when I know you will be reading it. Let me give this a try. 

Before I met you my life can be summed up into a scene from 'How I Met Your Mother' 

Stella: I was heading upstate to my parents' doing like 90 on this country road and I got pulled over. So this cop, he gets out of his car and swaggers on over and says, "young lady, I've been waiting for you all day." So I looked up at him and said, "Sorry officer I got here as fast as I could."

Ted: For real?

Stella: No. It was a joke.
Stella: I know that you're waiting. And you may have to wait a little while more, but she's on her way Ted. And she's getting here as fast as she can.

That's basically been me before I met you, real life Ted Mobsy. Fucked over,lied too and sick of it. Just seem like my luck was never going to catch a break. I used to always wonder did I break some mirrors or was I a bad person in my past life. Like did  I go around slapping donuts out of babies hands. No way, my luck can't be this bad to be such a nice (If I do say so myself) person. 

All I wanted was a good relationship. One of them that you see in the movies, 

I didn't know you was going as fast as you can.

Then I met you.
I didn't know how much in love I would fall with you when I first started talking to you. 
I just thought that you was a really beautiful girl, that was being nice by speaking to me. No way she would like me, nah no way I told myself. 

Back and fourth I went "Tell her" "Don't Tell her". I look up and it's 2 years later since we first met and my heart races for you. Bestfriends, laughing,texting and talking on the phone everyday. God, I never knew how much in love I would fall with you. 

I didn't know you was going as fast as you can. 

You know I still remember the day I told you I like you ? I typed that text with my eyes closed. That's how nervous I was in telling you. It's no way I would have been able to tell you face to face. Words wouldn't have came out. The wait for the reply, was the worst. Pacing around my room looking at my phone over and over, felt like forever all in the span of ten minutes. 
"OMG" you said "OMG". I smiled so hard that day (and  also right now. I'm talking to you on the phone as I write this :) ), I smiled so hard when you said that you liked me too. It's like when your mom gives you money for ice cream and you buy everybody at the ice cream truck something. That warm caring feeling.

I didn't know you was going as fast as you can. 

Here we are,five years since we first met and it's your birthday. Man have time flew by. Seem like just yesterday Jacob and I was following some random lady in the park. I guess he liked her shoes? 

I been thinking about what I can give you for your birthday, I want to give you something that I have been guarding all my life.  Something I been waiting to give you long before I even met you.       
        My heart. 

I give to you my heart cause I trust you with it. I trust you with it long before this post. Way long. Trust you so much that it's scary. I never trusted anybody in the way that I trust you. Nobody. I would follow you to the end of the earth if you though it was gold there. Just cause I know you would never lead me wrong. You're my teammate, my bestfriend, my motivation. We're one as you like to say. 

I didn't know you was going as fast as you can. 

I can't wait to grow old with you. You passed the "Front Porch" test.  What the 'Front Porch' test is, is can you picture this person with you around the times you get old. I can see us growing old together. Well, I'll be old and you'll be still young and beautiful. 

I see us sitting on the porch talking about how we travel the world and the things we seen. The lives we touched. The empire we have. The JJ's would come by and visit with their kids. At this point they would be running JJ&A/Lady G/Sanquon. Janelle out changing the world and Jacob out playing football for the Atlanta Falcons.  I see us having a great life. I don't want it with anybody else but you 

Love you Jeem Happy Birthday. @ArabicDream 

Update: Ghadir Reply :). Click the words to make them bigger. 

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