Thursday, October 24, 2013

Instagram Ads, Count Me In.

Social media ads and love are something most people that don't have a brand, don't say. I have a brand (Sanquon) and I love ads and the way that Instagram will be rolling out ads, will have me...well read Mashable  post first before I speak. 

This is how a Instagram ad will look. I'm in. I'm so in that I will buy some ad space on Instagram. That's something I really don't do when it comes to social media. IT makes you feel like that rapper that's always trying to get somebody, everybody to download they mixtape. Makes you sick right? Well, with IG ads you will be able to just scroll past it if it's something you don't want to see, 

Kinda like when your friend post a picture of they nasty looking food. I hate that, if you made it at home, not going to look good in a photo. Unless you a chef.  Think about it. YOu put the food on a plate to eat. Chefs add style, that's they job. Just saying, make it look fancy. 

Anyways, I love this idea. I just hope that all the brands keep it creative. Oh, follow the Sanquon IG

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