Sunday, October 6, 2013

Word To The Wise W/Ghadir:This Crazy Word

Washington D.C. is playing the role of Halloween too early in the month! Smh All of these bizarre activities that took place in the last week makes one think... Is this really hell?! Truth always comes to can only be covered up for so long. We all have to buckle down and really think about what we are fighting for.If we live to die ( pass on) and this world is temporary, why are we dying to live? Our souls don't belong here for very long...claiming the riches of worldly possessions, claiming to be the baddest, claiming you're the realest, claiming you're a boss, claiming to be a god will get you no where! Those claims die with our flesh! Let's get our priorities straight and our souls right. Our souls need to claim our Heavenly Father. We are weak without Him.

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