Sunday, October 13, 2013

Word To The Wise W/Ghadir: Young Ones

Rip my heart a part into a hundred pieces. These words I'm about to speak, hurt for so many different reasons. Emotions manifest on the pair of eyes reflecting back at me. As tears start to flow.... I think to myself, "This isn't who we're suppose to be"! Frustrated with the facts I have to face. We are no longer dealing with the simplicity of our own race. Before you lash out, the meaning behind these words aren't about the pigmentation of our skin. It's really about the daily battle between our flesh and soul deep within. 

         Young and troubled generation,  naive to what this world has set up for you. 
Wake up!
Wake up!
Now isn't the time to sleep.... that has been reserved already....six feet under: DEATH!!
        YOUNG ONES: You have the secret of life in you: unconditional love ( our Heavenly Father). You all are provided with an imagination as equal as the universe which carries you. As you grow into adulthood, you will be taught self hate, shame, guilt, fear, etc.. inturn causing your imagination to dumb down into the size of your brain.

       YOUNG ONES: You have a temple (your body) that shields the secret of life in you. You all are provided with the basic tools ( your five senses) to spread the secret of life from one temple to another. 

        Allow me to elaborate:Technology, money, religion, politics, material things, etc. are invented by the devil and his demons to try to break down the basic tools you all have been blessed with. If you do not utilize your blessings: Read between the lines, Speak truth, Listen to details, Manually labor with your hands, Smell what's been created for you... You slowly break your temple which shields the secret of life. Hence, the meaning of lost souls.
       Now young ones, remove the lenses of deception. Your souls have soaked in too much of it, leaving your eyes to only reflect what you've been taking in.
      Now young ones, remove the filthy wax that has clogged your ears from listening clearly. This is your time to shine. Take a stand leading us into the future. Create your imagination for the world to see.
          Now Adults, I dare you to corrupt young ones into another generation full of tormented souls; stripping away their secret of life one excuse at a time!

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