Thursday, October 3, 2013

ESPN Monday Night Football: Roddy White #AtlantaFalcons #MNF

I been liking the MNF commercials. You know I have to post the Falcons one as we face the Jets Monday. Man, do we need the win, bad. I mean this season is not going the way we saw the season going. Everybody getting hurt and it just seem like we missing something. The team looks so lost in the red zone, chickens with they head cut off. It's not fun to watch. The only positive and at the same time negative is that all the games are close. Games we should have and been in position to win. I know the team can turn it around, just sucks to watch and wait. The Dirty Birds have to beat the Jets by 30 for this to be a win to me. Beat the crap out of them on MNF. Show everybody who the Falcons are. More MNF videos after the jump. 

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