Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Buy A Gaming System For The Holidays #XboxOne #PS4

The season is here and you already, ready. I mean you have read Ghadir and I gift guide for 2013 right? (Click Here). 

This one is a little extra for the gamers. I been hard at work researching the best games you need to get(or ask for) this holiday season. 

Let's start with the basics. You need a system to play on. 

Xbox 360,PS4,Xbox One.
I'm not a fanboy of any of the systems but I left PS3 out cause it's not a good system. The PS4 picks up what PS3 drop the ball at. Party chat. 

I mean, who likes to play the game and just yell at the TV. You want to yell at the TV and shit talk with your friends at the same time. All 3 choices above let's you do that. 

Xbox 360 is far from dead and is pretty cheap steal for a person without a gaming system. 

In the release of the Xbox One, they actually talked about updating the 360 and bringing lots of more apps and features to it. It's no shame with staying with the good ole 360. I for one am staying with it till the third version of the Xbox one. Let them work out them bugs and problems. 

Xbox One & PS4
Both systems are evenly matched in many respects and should be able to usher in the next generation of gaming that the Wii U hasn't been able to deliver. 
The one different in the game systems are just the price and the games that you can get on them.

As you know, each have the rights to a couple games that will be only made on that respected gaming system. 

Here is the list for Xbox One. Here's the list for PS4 (Both open in a new windows)

Whatever one you choose is a great choice in the end. Just make sure you buy them online from Wal-Mart. Fast shipping and they take good care of your things. I mean the last thing you want is to get a broken system, that would suck. Click the ad to start shopping and pick up a couple more things. USA, LLC

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