Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Touchdown 88" by J.Squire #AtlantaFalcons

Matt Ryan looks left, he looks right. He fires the ball, Touchdown 88, touchdown Tony Gonzalez. You know, growing up we really didn't overstand some of the greats that passed thru in the game we call football. John Elway, Shannon Sharpe, Primetime and the list goes on. I mean, we had Jerry Rice right on our TV's and we didn't fully pull in how great he is. I remember thinking, man cut that stuff off your hair. Okay, maybe we got how great he was. I just wanted that hair to be cut.

Anyways, today another legend puts on his pads for the last time. Boy have it been fun watching Tony G go to work. The man catch everything. I remember all the toe tapping, ball grabbing and end zone dunking from Mr.88. Glad we are able to say that you're a Falcon, GOAT :) 

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