Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Walking Dead Might Leave Us Pissed Off Tonight

The Walking Dead might be setting us up for a "Shit gets real moment". I don't know how I didn't see it till now. It's been right in front of our eyes. The signs have been flashing and we just been walking into them. If you haven't seen last weeks episode stop reading now. If you have, then down to cell block D, we go.
It didn't start last week, but it set us up for this week. Where they just took the head right out the bag (see what I did there?). Some of the main cast will be meeting the axe. Well, in this case, a knife to the forehead. Cause you know, that's the only way to kill a zombie.  

Has The Walking Dead been using the last two episodes to see how we react with the Governor being the main focus point? Is that what they're doing?  I know they have stated a couple times "We don't need Rick, to tell the story of the show". They have said it so much that I'm starting to think that slowly they have been telling us to our face "WE KILLING RICK". As you know, the show doesn't follow the comic book. In the comic, well I don't want to just mess that up for you. Let's just say that some people would still be alive and others are dead as that hair style you trying to bring back. 

So as I said before, are they cleaning out the cast? This season been to quite. Like, no surprise killings and it has made us a little too comfort in watching. Which makes me think that a Adam Bomb is about to go off. 

I don't even know why I wrote that line. Seeing that they said in the preview for tonight "Some will fall". So, who will die and why will they die? I don't think that the Governor is going to meet his death. Even tho we all would like for him to. 

They started to make us like him. I found myself being happy for a full on evil killer. He found him a new daughter and girlfriend and a lesbian cop. He was becoming a change man. 

Then, he came back to old ways and that lead me to hating him again.  I don't know what's happening tonight, but shit is getting real. 

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