Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Get Him A Sports Knit For The Holidays #DressLikeJavaris

  Get Him A Cardigan For The Holidays
 Get Him A Tie For The Holidays

This started as one post and worked it's way into two. Now, we on three. Y'all keep asking for more, so let's keep it going. At this point, the football season is over. Well, for my Falcons it's been over since we lost to the Jets. *relax*. But it's never to late to get the football fan in your life a hat. I'm not really one for the snap backs and fitted caps. I have a big ass head. So Knit's are the best way to go. Plus it's winter. You need to cover them ears of yours. That's what keeps you warm, young blood. Sidenote: Ask him what his team is first. Trust me, nothing worst then being a Falcons fan and getting a Saints hat. Might as well call him a muthafucker.

 Free Shipping over $75 at Champssports.com. Use Code LKS13M65.  Valid: 12.1.13 - 12.31.13.  Contiguous US Only; Exclusions May Apply.

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