Friday, December 20, 2013

Leave The Jail Bird,Already

  It's a lot of things in life that I just don't overstand. Like why auto part stores are not open 24/hrs a day. I mean, don't cars breakdown no matter when? They acting like a car knows the time and only breaks down while the store is open. "I feel myself breaking down, let me wait till the auto parts store opens".Anyways. I saw this one thing on Facebook this morning that made me write this. Relationship with a dude in jail.
 Now I'm not here to judge. I let people do what they want to do, even if it's wearing ugly clothes. Not my place to judge, I might laugh. Never judging tho. But this one leaves me saying "Leave the Jail bird". 

I get that sometime, people get locked up for things they didn't do. That's wrong and I pray for them. Not in this case. She writes  "So my boyfriend is not a bad guy at all! He's been in some trouble for the fifth time, He got caught with an illegal weapon in his friends car!!!". So her boyfriend been caught with a weapon in his friends car, five times? I know that's not what she mean but it might as well be. She is right, dude is not 'Bad', he is borderline pyshco. What is this weapon that he has and why is he carrying it around? 

You ladies want to 'hold your man' down as they like to say in rap songs. Y'all need to let that music video thinking go. Cause you know what they don't show, is the women actually "Holding they man down". All that is, is a whole lot of struggle.On top of that. He goes in and comes out just as messed up as he started. That's if he even gets out. "Leaving him isn't an option. He's my favorite person in this world and I feel so lost and empty without him. He is perfect for me." She goes on to write. That just might be true for you. It's not true for him tho. If y'all are in so much love as you say y'all are, he wouldn't put the relationship that y'all have in harms way. 

Most people that do dirt, stop doing dirt when they find somebody else they care for in life. The main reason they stop doing the dirt is because they know it will get them killed, or locked up. Which would take them away from that person they love.

It's okay to let the past be the past but.....

Not only does it sound like he doing some illegal shit, he doing five times that. He's not leaning that he need to change.  Also, it's no rules to the streets I been told. When the other bad guys come looking for him. They would (God forbid) kill everybody around him. You being one. They're bad guys. They don't really have morals.

Stop and think for a moment. If he really loved you, he wouldn't do things that might cost him to lose you. 

This goes for anybody, rather you a man or a women.

Leave the jail bird,already. 

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