Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Go See #WolfOfWallStreet On Us

Ghadir and I got a early gift for y'all. I'm so country. "Ya'll" anyway. I know you been seeing the commercials and I know that while the commercials been playing, you been thinking you have to see this movie. Not only is this your chance to see the movie, but you get to see it early and free. Did I forget to say free? Nah, I forgot to say free lunch and be part of a ribbon cutting. Movie Tavern in Roswell, GA is opening tomorrow and they are starting with a bang and you get to be apart of it. So come out and eat, watch a movie and meet new people. If you going, be sure to tweet Ghadir (@ArabicDream) and I (@JavarisIsOnMars). RSVP here 

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