Friday, December 6, 2013

Word To The Wise W/Ghadir: Cold Front

            The image of “hell” is purely fire disintegrating the sins in which we have committed. Convince these blazing eyeballs that “hell” is not here on this Earth.
          What truly awaits us human beings, when the peak of our wisdom speaks death?! Death I said, loyal to its meaning, is one harsh reality check.
          Do you feel a cold front coming?
You should, because we are all in it together. Whether we are rich or poor, foolish or wise, tall or short, slim or overweight; we will experience “hell” before reaching some sort of Heaven!
          How many life cycles must be repeated for us to not only learn, but to teach the world a way to overcome this “hell” before passing?!
          Cold front will you have mercy on any soul? No! In fact, she gains power by attacking mortal lives. Like a winter wind that creeps through one’s flesh and gets a hold of the bones.
          Turn your heads this way! Turn them my way!
This message needs to be clear:  Wake up from this “hell” please! Do not allow her cold front to take your soul away! Just like the snake’s victory that gave Adam and Eve the title of “real terrorists”. They both stripped our freedom from underneath our feet before we could even walk!
          Do not let her win!
          This is for our little orphan children who have to raise themselves in a world they did not ask to be in! 
 This is for homeless individuals whose death has settled in the bottom of their guts! This is for raped victims whose nightmare constantly replays like the nagging sound of a crying baby longing for his/her mother. 
 This is for a soldier’s parents receiving news that they will never get to see, hear, or hold their child again! 
 This is for the human being that strip away his/her identity by masking a fake smile that screams: HELP! 
This is for the beautiful, dark-skinned girl that bleaches her skin secretly trying to blend in with the crowd! 
 This is for our human race that tattoos their scars as a reminder that this “hell” isn’t over yet!
          Our Heavenly Father’s love strengthens our spirits and can connect our hearts to win the battle against this cold front from “hell”!

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