Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Atlanta Falcons New Stadium Designs

You may or might not know but the Falcons are getting a new stadium. The guys over at CL did a nice write up. So I will just quote the one they have. I'll add my two cent around the middle. 

"The Pantheon"
The Georgia World Congress Center Authority and the Atlanta Falcons have struck a deal with 360 Architecture to design a new stadium.
The two organizations had selected 360 Architecture the "apparent awardee" a few weeks ago, which allowed the Kansas City-based design firm a first crack at reaching a stadium deal.
"Selecting a lead architect is a very significant decision in the new stadium process," Falcons President and CEO Rich McKay said in a statement. "360's creativity and qualifications made them the best fit for this project, and we believe they will put us in the best position to deliver the ultimate game day experience for our fans, as well as serving at the highest level the needs of current Georgia Dome events and other new events in the future."
WSB-TV reports that the firm will likely be paid between $28 and $35 million. That figure is based off a 4 to 5 percent cut of the projected $700 million cost to build the stadium's structure. A proposed "concept photo" for looks, well, like either a heaping pile of scrap metal, a futuristic UFO, or an origami-inspired colander:

 360 Architecture senior principal William Johnson had presented yesterday two possible designs for the new facility to a GWCCA committee. Here's how Saporta Report described them:
One circular concept included a swirling roof design of smaller, lighter roof panels that would open up to the full length of the football field in between five to seven minutes. Johnson called that concept the Pantheon of Atlanta design.
The other design was a rectangular stadium where to large roof panels would pull back into wing-like structures in under 12 minutes. Johnson called that one the Solarium concept.
On the bright side, at least those proposed "wing-like" gizmos will have more of a function than Underground Atlanta's set of wings.
UPDATE, 2:40 p.m. The GWCCA says that its Board of Governors unanimously approved the contract with 360 Architecture for $35 million. This now allows the design process, or the "fun part" as Falcons Owner calls it, to now formally begin.
Okay now I'll talk. I don't see this being 700 million dollars to make. I think that is just a "public budget". I see a billion getting spend on this. That's cool by me. The stadium has to last. 

An aerial view of "The Pantheon" concept

When I seen this I was sold on the idea of "The Pantheon" concept. It's out there. It's in a league of it own. The roof opens and closed. Yes you read that right. I can just see this glowing in the night. Looking like a bird nest. Seeing that we are the Falcons. That's birds if you didn't know. 

I can't stop looking at this. I love it. This is a thing of beauty. The design is so 2020. Looks like you about to walk into a next level spaceship.  This is what get's you the super bowl hosting rights. Mr.Blank if you reading this, go with this one. You talked about wanting to bring in the fans, this will bring in a lot of people. People that don't even like football will travel to Georgia to see this stadium. Jerry's World? That's old news. Move over, the Falcons here now. 

I like how they re made the way we look at a big screen at a game. It's normally this big huge tv the side of the football field. It's no desgin to it, it's just there. This is going to set the standard for stadiums. It's creative. Maybe it's just me but it looks really warm in there. Like you will feel good when you sit down in your seat.

Or is "The Solarium" more your style?

I like this one but I get way more creative on MineCraft. That's not a good thing. This is to plain. Looks like a "Okay" one. I'm really trying word to pull words out for this one. I can't find any. 

I kinda like the side view of it. When you see it close it looks like a airport hanger. I don't like that. 

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