Friday, May 24, 2013

Chief Keef The Dude Your Mom Told You Not To Hang With Growing Up

Katy Perry got a taste of Chief Keef on the radio yesterday and ended up drumming up some Twitter beef with the 17-year-old rapper after she tweeted her disgust with the record, “Hate Being Sober.”   In the song, Chief Keef raps about being anti-sober, while taking molly and rolling up.   He also drops lines like, “My bitches love drinking, some love smoking, Let my alcoholic bitch hit the dope, she start choking.” [And this ladies and gentleman, is what your kids are listening to on the radio]. Source Necole Bitchie 
The first thing that came to my head is "Chief Keef 17 right?". Yes, he is 17. Why is he making songs about hating being sober and telling Katy Perry "Dat bitch Katy Perry Can Suck Skin Off Of my Dick. I'll Smack The Shit out her. New Song Katy Perry Coming Soon". Is can't be real life. I must be dreaming. I mean nobody in they right mind is making music and carrying they self as he do. When he first came out I thought that it was a social project. You know to see how society would react to it. But nope, this is real. 

Chief Keef is the dude that your mom told you not to hang with. You know, the one that lives down the street or in most cases in the "city". Hangs out all hours of the night, up to no good. All he does is raise hell and going nowhere fast. That's Chief Keef, a ticking time bomb. He stands for everything that is wrong in american. 

He gives rap a black eye. This coming from a person that lives in Atlanta (bad rap everywhere). So when I say that his rap gives rap a black eye, I mean it. 

It didn't start with Keef but at this point he is driving the ship. He must of got some tips from Rick Ross. Often seen with his pants down and shirt off showing no respect to women. Speaking about "Laying people down". I'm sure he's not talking about putting you to sleep. Well not the type of sleep you wake up from.

I really just hope that this type of "Hip Hop" fade out. I'm not the biggest fan of rap but this is a sure fire way to keep me away from it. 

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