Friday, May 3, 2013

Ghadir Winning Awards And The Glory

In the famous words of Charlie Sheen, Ghadir is #WinningDuh. Bringing home not one, not two , not three but four awards. I couldn't be any prouder of Jeem at this point in time. This is just great. When I seen it on Facebook I was like "No surprise there" after I said "Oh Shit. Bling. Bling.". Ghadir is one of the.....I take that back, Ghadir is the nicest person I know. This is coming from a person that lives next to a man that cuts my grass for free. That's nice, Ghadir is nicer then all of that. She won a award "Shirt off my back" She really would give you the shirt off of her back. This one time when we was in Atlanta and it started raining Ghadir gave me the shirt off her back. Yeah it was so I can put it in my bag for her and I gave her a clean dry shirt. Still shirt off her back. 

All jokes aside. It's great to see that the rest of the world see what I see in Ghadir. That great loving, sharing and amazing women. You deserve it all plus more.  Congrats 

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