Monday, May 20, 2013

Madden 25 Connected Franchise Trailer Featuring Owner Mode

I love Madden 13. I play it everyday, I'm hooked. I was really into UT for the longest time. I wasn't making enough coins from the games for me to keep playing that. I still have a pretty good team on there. I went from UT to connected careers. I'm in one with a few people but the one I love is the one I got by myself. I don't like how I have to play online just to do a draft. That's kinda stupid. Anyway I'm in year 2023 and have 4 super bowls and been to the big game 6 times. I think. All that being said, I wasn't buying Madden 25.
I wasn't going to buy it cause it was starting to look like the same old Madden and I'm not into upgrading just to upgrade. I still play NCAA 12. I'm around the same year in that. Maybe beyond that. I know I have lot more chips in that, Anyway. 

Blaze and I was talking about what Madden needs. I said that Madden needs the old mode where you can own the team. In this mode you set the prices for the team tickets, food and jerseys. You also set how much you want to spend on the team marketing and set out a fan night and what free gift you will be giving the fans. I loved this mode on Game Cude. I was like 10 and that's all I did was sim the games and play the GM. I go online and I see this. Did they hear me last night or did they hear me? I'm getting this game now. Thanks you EA

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