Friday, May 24, 2013

Is Instagram Really Deleting Accounts?

I seen a couple people uploading photos last night. They was pretty random. In fact a couple was shots of the floor. I seen a couple till I seen one person post "IG(Instagram) is deleting accounts that don't use the IG camera". At first I brushed it off. Like I do the post by people on Tumblr that states that if you don't reblog the post Tumblr will delete you. We know that's not true, but is this one real? I took to the internet, cause anything is true on the internet ; ). Anyway I found on Reddit that a huge amount of IG's have been deleted. The people state that they did nothing wrong and when trying to use IG they get  ‘violation of terms’ message. 

I don't know what is going on so I am really asking the question. Cause if it's all about a camera then that is beyond stupid. You can't force somebody to use the camera on they phone. Most people take photos with the pro camera they paid for out of they pocket to take photos. They then email the pic's to they email and then upload them. I happen to be one of the people that do that. You see, I don't have a Iphone or any phone that has been made since like 2008 I want to say. I still have my ole Blackberry. It works so I use it. Instead I have a iPod for apps and other things. One of the things being IG. So IG might want to pump the brakes. We all are not girls that take pic's in the mirror with our phone. Even then that's a saved pic from your phone. Follow me on IG, while you can?

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