Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Thoughts On The Xbox One

Where do I start? I feel the need to say I have a Xbox360. That being said I don't need another one. The Xbox One is the Xbox 360 with new bells and hands free whistles. Then I hear that the new Xbox was coming out this year I was pretty excited. I was looking forward to some ground breaking gaming. I thought they was going to step up and hit a home run. I thought that they was going to make a kinect that can literally let me hit a home run. 

Instead what we got was a cable box. I don't know for sure if Xbox don't give a fuck what everybody wants, but it's clear that kinda can't hear. We play Xbox to play games. Sure, I may watch HBO Go and Netflix but is the Xbox still not a Xbox? I can care less what people are watching and trending in the marketplace for movie and TV shows. I rather be able to have a disc tray. A 8 disc tray. 

I really don't have the need to have my Xbox Skype. When I play the game the last thing I want to see on my screen is another dude. Another dude that is yelling and screaming about the game he playing. Last time I checked my grandma doesn't plan on getting a Xbox One. Leave that to the cpu. 

I thought that was a joke when they rolled it out. I thought he was going to go "Just joking guys, let's talk about game". He didn't do that. He kept bringing out things that had nothing to do with video games. He wanted to show off the hands free features that the box has. I'm one of the laziness people to walk the earth but even I don't need that. 

Xbox is making it clear that they are not in the business of video games. They want to take over the living room.  Cause what we really want is to watch a movie and live TV from our Xbox.  You know, cause it's too much to just flip the channel. We need Xbox to do it for us. 

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