Monday, May 20, 2013

Mad Men Was Pretty Odd Last Night #MadMen

That tap dance scene; the black woman robbing the house; the prostitute and the gypsy. It doesn't get much more dynamic than that. That was the oddest Mad Men of them all. I don't know what I just watched. It was good but I'm confused and looking at the tweets on twitter, everybody else is too. One tweet I seen might have piece together what happen tonight. 

"They wanted to show us the thinking of a drunk Don". Wanted to place us right in the show. 
But everything about “The Crash” was bizarre from start to finish: we got see Ken Cosgrove’s joyride to kick things off, in a frantic scene that lead to a literal crash off screen.  Later Kenny appears with a cane, but thanks to Jim Cutler (Harry Hamlin)’s probably unlicensed doctor friend and a few shots in the ass of what may have been some kind of speedball, Kenny was tap-dancing.  What the actual hell?

I think it was clear that it was a drug. The reasons I think that it was a drug is because Don trips out and have flashbacks only when he do drugs. Boy was the flashbacks one for the money. He took a flashback to a time in every mans life that they never forget. A time when you "Pop your cherry for a nickel". Prostitution was pretty cheap back then I see. Cheap and easy, seeing that he was around 12 and she was into her 20's. Get it how it comes, I guess. 

The drug trips at the office and the flashbacks seem to just be moving along on the odd train. It was "Grandma Ida" that took the train from 80mph to 200mph. Clearly, she was not a "Grandma" of any of them. You know, cause she black. Or "Nergo" as the show likes to say. When this happen I thought that I was dreaming. Like I was sleep and Mad Men entered my dreams. Sally played along tho. She was cool in a moment that I would have been reaching for a frying pan.  Speaking of frying pans, she cooked her eggs. Eggs, ain't that just nice. She did steal they things tho. That wasn't nice. 

What it all comes down to is that "'The Crash' was a dreamlike episode with tinges of nightmare. If the point of Mad Men is a character study of Don Draper, then “The Crash” may prove to be one of the most important episodes of that journey, because Don was forced to face some of Dick Whitman demons.  Where that leads, if anywhere, we can’t yet say."- Collider

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