Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rather Run With Bulls or Swim With Sharks?

Run with the bulls or swim with sharks? Well out of the two I can only do one. Seeing that it's a choice between the two but really it's no choice seeing that I can't swim. Not even a little bit. It's kinda funny giving the fact that I grew up around pools. Everybody had one. Everybody had one but nobody did any swimming if you think about it. Everybody just jumped and played in the water. Maybe I wasn't the only one that was not able to swim. They was faking? Yeah that's it. 
If I was able to swim, I still would choice to run with the bulls. I really wouldn't like to do either. Swimming with the sharks is all the way crazy. They will eat you, you can't control that at all. You just out in the sea and it's you and the Sharks and you looking like dinner. 

The same thing can be said about running with the bulls. You on a wide open street and it's one way to go, straight ahead. The thing about this is that it's other people. Other people you don't know. That's a big risk to take. You can be running and somebody can just push you over. What you gonna do? Fight? Yeah, while it's 10 wild bulls on your ass. Don't mind me, just thinking out loud. I really don't believe humans can keep they cool in the face of a bull.   

Or maybe I spend enough time in school hallways to know that even when running it's always people slowing up traffic.

If I had to pick between the two it would be running with the bulls like I said. Then again maybe I might really do it. Join me ? 

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