Friday, August 2, 2013

!0 chains

I know Broken Cool did it first ,but can't let them have all the fun(Ha!).
"My Chain my chain don't you like my chain" Um hell no I don't.Rappers and jewelry go together like PB&J, like milk and cookies, like hookers and Mayors.The funny about this is that they don't even think about the long term they BUY jewelry but RENT a house "Where they do that at".Somebody get they mommas on the phone ASAP.
No Order just random getting at em.PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME IT'S JUST JOKES.Now put them guns don't and just laugh.

"Aye Rick is that Uncle Phil on your neck ?".This cahin is just a big no no,it like when people have they self as there backbround on they phone like damn you really think you pretty don't you.Man on top of all this is that it don't look like you nor if it did ...guess what ? It would still be butt ugly.

BIG ASS CHAIN for real T-pain? What was going on in your head to make you want to go "Let me get a big ass chain naw naw I'll get a big ass chain that say BIG ASS CHAIN.My friend all I can say is I'm happy you put that chain and that Top Hat(lets save that for another story) to rest.That chain was like something you would see on the Dave Chaccle show.

Um wtf?? Somebody tell me why he haves Iced out crayons ???Dude be turning in Ice out paint work at school and shit.

I don't know who Skool Boy is but I do know he has the most ridiculous chain I've ever seen. Look, I love chicken wings but you don't see me with an iced out 10 piece around my neck do you? I'd imagine even the person he bought this from looked at him like "n*gga is you crazy?" It has gotta be rough when your chain has more buzz than you.-Broken Cool..

When I first saw this chain I wonder for a good year but the hell it said .Come to find out the chain say  "Hustlenomics."This chain is in the running with T-pain"BIG ASS CHAIN" both can kill a small child if dropped, they both look like a example of "Niggas with money" that crap got to get heavy like wth?? okay #OffThat. Now my math is not that good but , you use money from New Joc City to make a Hustlenomics chain ha!.That's like getting money from your wife and making a chain with your girlfriend name.

Ha! I love cartoon's I live for Disney Channel, but you will never see me with a Kim Possible chain hanging from my neck.Roll up on a girl like "Aye! shawty want to wear my Kim Possible chain" Maybe it's just me but ladies do y'all like that lol he on top of you and Bart just hitting you all in the face lol...

Soulja Boy
Um I wish I had the money to buy black diamonds ,I would not buy black diamonds and I dang well would not put them on a chain.On top of that it's a remote control car WOW! Good Music tho.

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