Monday, August 5, 2013

Word To The Wise W/Ghadir The Blog

You ever talked about something and while you talking about it you can't stop cheesing? Well, today is one of them days. It's finally here. Jeem has a blog. Yes, not only is she as beautiful as a October skyline, she is as witty with the pen as my second favorite writer Mark Twain . My third is William Shakespeare and my first is Ghadir Said (Jeem). It's very few women in the world that are the total package. Her mind is as complex and banging as her body. To say that I love this women would be a understatement and not do my feelings justice. 

 I used to always say that she should start a blog. It's just her words are so moving and inspiring. It's like reading Geoffrey Chaucer in his prime. The words hop off the page, the images she paint leave you in a long lust for more. They say that sticks and stones can broke your bones, words can never hurt you. Her words may not hurt you but they make you want to be better.

What am I telling you people this for. Y'all read her post here every Friday. Now that she has her own you can get your Ghadir fix daily. What you waiting for? Head over now. 

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