Monday, August 12, 2013

Breaking Bad Was Ape Shit Crazy Last Night #BreakingBad

The hottest show on TV returned last night and it started with a BANG. I mean you can never say that Breaking Bad leaves you hanging. They give it to you right away. Kinda like people that fuck on first dates. Only with this you know what you getting. What you getting is good by the way, no STD's from your TV. I don't do show reviews and won't start now. What I want to talk about is the opening scenes for the start of the season and what I think will end up happening. 
The start of Season 5, last year finds Walter in a Denny's. He orders bacon and eggs. As the overly talkie waitress hands him the plate, he breaks the bacon and makes a 52. If you remember this is what Skylar does on his birthday. Plus he tells the lady that it's his birthday. So we know that Walter lives to at least 52. In the show (Regular time) he is 51. In the fast-forward he goes to the bathroom. While in the bathroom he gets a key to a car, in this car Is passports and guns. Lot's of guns. 

Now the scene from last night I want to say,takes us more and more into the future. I think it's the same year, just months later. Cause he still in the same car. It opens up with kids skating in a pool. Backyard of a run down house. They pan out and we all seen this pool before. It's the White's house. It looks like world war three happen and only hit they house. Walter pulls up and goes into the trunk of his car.The reason I point this out is because before it was loads of guns. Now it's only like 2. So maybe Walter been out handling business? He goes into the house and Heisenberg is all over the walls. He goes to the plug in the wall. The plug in the wall that holds the ricin. The same ricin that he used on the kid and wanted to use on Tuco. 

He gets the ricin and leaves. As he is leaving and closing the trunk, he sees Carol. "Hi Carol" he says.Carol is his neighbor and upon seeing Walter,she drops her groceries in fear. Carol plays a part in my thinking. Walter had to do something bad that the world knows about for Carol to fear him. Some say that he faked his own death. That can't be true. If he did that,she would run to him in Joy. Happy that he is alive.Instead she dropped them groceries. Pissed her pants also I bet. 

What I think will happen is that Hank or somebody will kill the White family. All of them. If it's Hank then I'm guessing that will be by mistake. My best bet is that Walter kills Hank. Now that Hank knows and points out that he knows, that puts him in Danger. Walter takes out everybody that he thinks/is a treat to him. He leaves nothing in the air of chance. So I think that he will take out Hank. Also maybe the people he used to do business with, comes looking for him. 

Lydia said last night to Walter that it's 68% and dropping. Doesn't sound like the people are tro happy with the new cook? Maybe they force Walter back into it ? By saying they will kill his money? So they go on the run? 

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