Monday, August 12, 2013

187 The Cop Shows Please

Growing up I remember a lot of shows. Family Matters, Rocko's Modern Life,Save by the bell, Dinosaurs and a host of others. But you know what they all have in common? Besides them being funny and kinda family themed. Nothing at all. They are not like each other. Used to be a big egg on your face if you copied another show. It was like if you came to school and somebody was wearing the same thing as you. You wanted to die that day. 

I wonder when did this all stop? When did networks not care about being, creative. I know that they are all trying to get as much money as they can cause they a business with lots of workers. But I mean can we just kill all the new cop shows ? Enough with it already. We get it. Seem like each season, a network is coming out with a new cop show. 

It's not even good cop shows. It's the same cookie cutter format. The rookie cop teaming up with the older cop that really don't care anymore. The young cop teaching the old cop to love his work again. All while learning the ends and outs from the old cop. If they want to be lazy, just a running around town solving murders show. That's it. 

At least try to make them real, a little bit. I mean unless you trying to tell me that all the cops in America are clean, we all know that's a lie. That's what made The Shield great. He played a corrupt police officer. Based off the Rampart scandal. Now that was a great show. 

It was enjoyable to watch a show with dark complexity of playing both sides of the field. 

Change it up. Oh, even better. Don't make a new one at all. It has to be at least 30 of them out now. What CSI on? Law and order SVU: We have no creative juice. This is just getting out of hand. The thing that makes me mad about the whole thing is that good shows are getting the axe to make way for them. It's a million ways to skin a cat, that doesn't mean that all of them should be shown on TV in the form of a cop show.

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