Thursday, August 8, 2013

Players I Can't Wait To See In #AtlantaFalcons Preseason #RiseUp

Today's the day that we all been waiting on, kinda. It's football time. The moment all our hopes go up and hopefully don't come down. Superbowl or bust, right? We won't find that out today tho. The starters will see maybe a series. Two if we lucky. That's about it. What I really want to see is a couple of the rookies. This year in the draft we went defense early. As in two DB's in the first and second round. I want to see how they handle the NFL. They have to cover White and Jones every day so I can guess that the rest of the NFL will be a breeze.
That's the soft spot in the defense, actually the defense is the soft spot on the whole team. We have to get better and hoping they can help. Going into the draft, I can't lie I was all into the hype. Everybody thought that Tony was hanging it up for good and that we need a TE. Rather or not he comes back or not. I mean he can't play forever. So I, like everybody else was saying draft Zach Ertz. 

The TE from Stanford. Shit, even the Falcons drop hints that they might take him. I was all for it. Spread the field. Two TE's, I thought that would be the best thing running. Well the Eagles took him before us. I don't think when it came down to it that we was going to get him. We did get his team Levine Toilolo in the fourth round. Not only is this man a steal. He is 6'8 and can catch the ball. He is going to be a problem in the red zone. TD's for days. 

Another plus about the preseason is seeing Dominique Davis play. The backup quarterback. He is pretty good and mobile. Us Atlanta fans like mobile. Matty Ice not really mobile but Matty Ice do what Matty Ice do. I really feel that if God forbid it happens but I really think that if Matt was to get hurt, Dominique can step in and keep the offense flowing. 

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