Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Your Coffee Says About You?

The first time I had coffee was when I was around seven. I seen all the older people drinking it and I had to try it. What made me want it more was the fact that nobody would let me have any. "You too young, what you need coffee for?" they would say. Just made me want it more. So one day I was at my grandmother house and I got my wish. She said I could have some. She put on a pot, as they say. She poured it up and I took a drink, more like a taste. "Ewwwww" I scream, "This is hot and nasty". My grandmother gave me a look, sat back and gave me the worst advice ever. She told me to drop my pizza crust in it. Me being seven I didn't know she was joking and I did it. "It's even worst" I say while giving my grandmother a look while she is falling out her chair laughing.  I did try coffee again for a look time. 
Still to this day, I really don't drink coffee. I had some at a car dealership the other day and put a lot of cream in it. I just don't like the taste. That's why I love Fappuccinos, Mocha, and Latte. They are more as the chart like to say "Ice Cream".  To a point I am everything the chart say about them. What do your coffee say about you? 

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