Sunday, August 18, 2013

Couple Reasons Why We Hate Skylar White #BreakingBad

If you watch Breaking Bad, this one thing you can agree with everybody on. We hate Skylar White. It's like she goes out of her way to make you hate her. Below you will find a couple of reason why we hate her. 

Skyler going to Jesse's house to tell him to stop giving Walt pot, as if it's any of her business what he might use to cope with his situation. She's like Walt's helicopter mom.

Not keeping Walt's condition to herself about cancer at Elliott's party as the cancer patient clearly wanted.

Trying to use her family to convince Walt to get treatment (talking pillow scene) and then whining when they agree with Walter after his heartfelt speech

Her stress relief is smoking while pregnant. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Idiot confusion or disbelief at the test result meeting about the 80% reduction size in Walt's tumor. "Is that good?" Yes, dumbass, that's good. Your 15 year-old son should not have to inform you that it is.

So clueless that she thinks cops will evict Walt from his home without giving them any reason of wrong doing.

Getting angry at Walt for defending Skyler from her son's accusations/name calling.

Accusing Walt of being behind Hank's incident with the twins when she had absolutely no reason to think so. Everything is just Walt's fault.

Not letting him use bathroom as punishment  for him being back in his home. Grow the fuck up.

Not even listening to his reasoning for doing what he did. Won't even talk, just immediate divorce. Yet fine with Ted's excuse for felony level book cooking in terms of millions.

Cheating on her husband, with no remorse.

Having to use over half a million of Walt's money to pay off bill for the dude who she was fucking partly to spite Walt.

I could keep going, but you get the idea..
It just seems like people who don't understand the hate haven't seen the show. Yes, we can sympathize with her situation. We can say the same of all the major characters--that's just good writing. But she has made so many shitty choices, big or small (I mostly listed the smaller ones), that it's hard not to hate her.

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