Sunday, August 11, 2013

Greatest Kanye West Playlist Ever

When Yeezus came out it got mixed reviews. Me I like the style on it. I call it "playing around with sound". Not his best work, not even close to it. But it lives up to the hype. Blood On The Leaves sets the whole cd a blaze. When I first heard it I posted something along the lines of this on Facebook.` 
Kanye West mashed together “Strange Fruit,” an iconic song about the lynching of black men in the American South, and C-Murder’s “Down for My Niggas” to make his song "Blood on The Leaves". Blood On The Leaves might be the best song on "Yeezus".
So I wasn't really surprised at what happen at Wal-Mart the other day. I was just standing and looking at the cd's on the stand for no reason. This dude walks up. He looks the cd's up and down and spots Kanye. He picks it up and looks at me. "This shit is shit,man" he said with a light voice. "But that Blood on the leaves shit, it's the shit, shit".

 Now everybody that knows me, know that I don't really know that many slang words. So of course I was confused. Was it even English that was being spoken. I know what "It's the shit" mean but "It's the shit, shit"? Huh? I didn't let him know that tho. I just said that I love that song and the way the beat comes in. I guess he liked it too? 

That got me to thinking about my favorite Kanye West songs. Only the songs that are on albums he made.  Enjoy. Tweet me your favorites. (@JavarisIsOnMars

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