Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just Call Me SpiderMan #ASquireTale

We all have that one friend growing up. That one friend where you always go to they house and it's a mess. C'mon you know it's true. You go there and it's clothes on the floor and plates everywhere. You never eat or even sleep at they house. If you can't think of a friend, it was you. 

You never know why the friends house is like this, you just wish they would clean up. Me, my mom would have killed me to come home and the house a mess. Killed me and then gave me CPR and killed me again if I would dare have the house a mess with friends over. 

My messy friend was different, nobody knew but he was. Parents was never around and till this day I have never met them. He used to always miss school a lot. Talking about 5 days of school he there for 2, maybe. That's on a good week. Everybody used to go to his house tho. I went a couple times but would leave early. Why you ask?

Cause this friend had the biggest porn collection known to man. We had to be around 13 and all the older kids like 16 and 17 would want to go to his house daily. I for one didn't want to watch that. Well watch it with other dudes in the room or in somebody else house. That's creepy. What's even more creepy is what some used to do while watching it, I heard. But that's not what the story about. 

One day I was visiting my girlfriend at the time that stayed in the same building as him. I was going out and seen a cop and some dude in a too big suit banging on my friends door. I pay it nomind and keep walking. "Javaris over here" my other friend says in a low vioce out of nowhere. "Huh?" I say. "Come here" he says back. I think that's what he said back, he was talking really low. So I slide down the stairs to his apartment. I know the cop and big suit heard it. It was really quite and sound carries. 

It was clear that I just walked out her (The girlfriend) door but my friend still asked "What's going on up there". "Beats me" I say. Couple minutes later and big suit and the cop comes down the stairs. Clap,clap they shoes echo as they bonce down from the 5th floor. Clap,clap they reach the finally floor to exit the apartment building. Clap, clap. Wait they coming down the steps to the bottom floor.  The floor where my friend and I are. Oh shit, I say. I mean we wasn't doing anything it's just cops coming man. 

They come up to us and they ask us about our friend. Lot's on random question. I don't remember most of them. I just know they was very random. As they are asking the questions a lady walks up. Nice younger woman and she ask what we know and they tell her nothing much. She goes on to tell us that our friend and his little sister has to come with her to Foster services and they can't seem to get him to open the door. I can't recall if his parents were locked up or just completely gone. I just know it makes the house being dirty make more sense. Also the reason I never seen his parents.

The cops and the lady stood around with us for a while thinking what to do. This went on for a while and then a idea hit me. "I can climb onto they  balcony  I know they always keep it open" I say. They all just looked at me. After the looking and looking the cops wanted to be the hero and went climbing. We didn't even past the first floor. Hopping back down with a failed trip. I say again "I can climb it". I didn't know if I really could but I wanted to try. They look at each other and go "Okay". I pop into action leaping and swinging in race to the top floor. I didn't think about the danger of falling. I get there and pop into the balcony door. 

You would think that the first thing that came to my mind was to see if he was sleeping. No, no, I wanted to hide the porn. I mean it was so much of it. I had to drop that idea and check on them. There he was, sleeping heavier then a tree. Knocked out in the middle of the afternoon like he been to school or something. I tell him that the people are outside for him and break down what is happening and he puts on pants and we come out the door. 

They tell him and his sister to start packing and they leave. They said that somebody would be by to lock the door in a while. Here's my chance I say. They leave and I tell him I will get rid of the goods. Well, I didn't really say that I told him something along the lines of I will make sure they don't find it. 

That's what I did, passed out porn to everybody like I was Oprah. You get some porn, you get some porn. Don't touch me, I know what you do with that hand but you get some porn. 

I didn't see him again after that day. I think his Aunt picked them up and they started living with her. The whole funny part about this whole thing is, I lived right next to the women that ran the front office. We could have just got the key from her. She was the one that locked the door after all.    

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