Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Shit Got Real

I normally post the same night or early morning after a finale. It's kinda my thing. Well, this one was so damn crazy, I had to take a day to think about this one. So, like I always do at this time. If you haven't watched yet, stop reading. If you have then let's go cray. 

So the show started out pretty slow. I mean it seem like I was watching Gilmore girls. I only seen it one time for five minutes  I imagine Pretty little lairs first 30 minutes is a hint at that. Then shit got real. Real,real. Aria kissed Ezra. Yeah, that was odd but it was more of who was watching. A was outside the window. Seeking a peak. A a freak. 

The Liars receive several packages from "A" indicating that Mona is dead meat in "A's" magic show. They see that a magic show is taking place in Ravenswood and figure that can't be a coincidence, so they take off to the Land that Time Forgot to chase down the lead. 

There, Aria is part of Charlemagne's magic act as a misdirection so "A" can snatch Emily and put her on a collision course with a buzzsaw. But Red Coats, plural, are there to stop the conveyor, with Aria and Spencer each giving chase after one Red Coat. 

Aria fights with her Red Coat, who is revealed to be Cece Drake (who is currently wanted for questioning in Wilden's murder after Travis has been working with the police). Cece falls off the catwalk and in the Ravenswood sawmill, but she's not dead -- while the Liars aren't looking, Cece runs off. Way to check that body, ladies.

Meanwhile, Spencer's Red Coat chase yields what Spencer surmises is "A's" lair, documenting their entire lives in separate timelines and containing the computers that "A" uses to monitor them all the time.

Spencer also finds a bank account for a corporation that "A" started (which paid Cece), plus a armoire full of suit jackets, which leads them to wonder if "A" is a man. There is also a timeline for Alison. "A" thinks that Alison's going to be at the Ravenswood Night to Remember celebration that very night. 

As the girls head to the celebration, they run into Carla Grunwald, who warns them not to go chasing after "her." She was protecting Alison back when she was housemother at the sorority by using her gift of insight, helping Alison "see" who was threatening her. Grunwald felt something terrible the night Ali went missing and she's the hand who pulled Alison out of the dirt. Ali was bloody and confused, so Grunwald took her to the hospital, but when Grunwald went inside to get help, Ali was gone.

Grunwald tells them Ali doesn't want to be found and that they need to leave Ravenswood before they lead "him" to Alison.

The final frames are of Ezra inside "A's" lair, angrily slamming the armoire door and then the A-tag is of someone in a World War I uniform, complete with gas mask. - Zap 2 It

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